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Multiplication & Fractions Now Available

multfrac-300After a series of frustrating delays, Denise Gaskins’s upper-elementary Math You Can Play games book has finally hit the online bookstores.

Multiplication & Fractions features 25 kid-tested games, offering a variety of challenges for school-age students. Children master several math models that provide a sturdy foundation for understanding multiplication and fractions. The games feature times table facts and more advanced concepts such as division, fractions, decimals, and multistep mental math.

Free Online Preview

Click here to find Multiplication & Fractions at your favorite bookstore.
170 pages, ebook: $5.99, paperback: $17.99.

It starts with models that are visual explanations of the concepts. Gaskins also breaks learning these concepts into comfortable steps that emphasize patterns and relationships, the real ideas that are behind properly understanding multiplication and fractions (indeed, math generally).
The sequence of games in each section starts by building familiarity and then fluency (speed) to solidify all of that work.

— Joshua Greene
Multiplication & Fractions Math Games from Denise Gaskins (a review)

New Number Game Printables File

We’re one step closer to getting Denise’s long-awaited Multiplication & Fraction Games book out — she finished the printables file! At least, we hope she’s finished. Sometimes it seems like whack-a-typo never ends…

Check out the new Printables files

The Multiplication & Fractions ebook will come out sometime in November, and the paperback should follow in time for Christmas. If you’re interested, my newsletter subscribers will get a special introductory sale price whenever the book is published. Join now!

Betrayed: The Riddled Stone, Book Three Now Available


How Can a Knight Fight Magic?

Trained by the greatest knight in North Raec, Sir Arnold Fredrico dreamed of valiant deeds. Save the damsel. Serve the king.

Dreams change. Now the land teeters at the brink of war. As a fugitive with a price on his head, Arnold struggles to protect his friends.

But his enemy wields more power than the young knight can imagine.

Free Online Preview

4stars 2016-01-08
238 pages, ebook: $3.99, paperback: $14.99.

Buy now at:
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Betrayed, by Teresa Gaskins, really exceeded my expectations. The setting is a world of “light” magic. Magic is rare, constrained, and follows a sort of logic, which may or not be fully understood by the people in the world. I like the way in which this sets up plot connections and forces things to happen for a reason, rather than deus ex machina or authorial patronus.

There are some obvious protagonists and some obvious villains, but Gaskins creates a nice ambiguity around several of the key characters. The plot itself is interesting and engaging with multiple levels of motivation that drive it along. Mainly, this is a group-of-friends quest story that is fun and well told.

I think the appropriate age range for Betrayed is from adult down to middle school. While there is nothing specifically inappropriate for younger children, readers need a moderate level of maturity to manage the multiple plots and number of characters.

— Phanwadee, reviewer

Math You Can Play Combo Now Available

The combined edition of Math You Can Play has been an Amazon exclusive ebook for several months. But the multiplication and fractions game book has been delayed at the editor’s. So in Denise’s unexpected free time, she dug into InDesign and put together a print edition. Check it out!


  • Save 20% off the individual ebooks or 35% off the paperback prices when you buy the Math You Can Play Combo, a combined 2-books-in-1 edition available in paperback or ebook.

The 42 kid-tested games are simple to learn, quick to play, and require minimal preparation. Young children can play with counting and number recognition, explore place value, build number sense, and begin learning the basics of addition. Older students can develop mental flexibility by playing with numbers, from basic math facts to the hundreds and beyond.

Free Online Preview

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“Although the cover says games for young learners, the beauty of this book is that most of the games can easily be scaled up for older kids, teens, and even adults. My youngest is four and my oldest is 14, and I will be pulling games for all of them out of this book!

“I appreciate that most of the games are low floor, high ceiling – easy for a child to access, but can be played at a higher level through strategy or slight alterations to the rules. These are not drills disguised as games, but activities that require problem solving and strategy as well as calculation.

“If you are a homeschooler, you need this book. If you are a parent of a reluctant math learner, you need this book. If your family enjoys games played with easy materials such as playing cards, you need this book. Yes, you need this book!”

Kindle customer review

128 Words to Use Instead of “Very”

Advertisers like to make infographics. Some are useful, some not. This one came to my math blog, for which it didn’t fit at all. But it looks useful for writers.

It’s always wise to have another person proofread your story. I don’t know anything about the company that made the infographic, but you can usually find a friend (or hire someone locally) to check your work.

Proofreading tip: Before sending out your manuscript (or self-publishing), do a search for very and try to replace each one. Also search for words ending in ly and for the being verbs (am, is, are, was, were, been) and try to eliminate most of them. You can’t get rid of them all, but each one that you replace with a more vibrant word will make your story that much stronger.

Master proofreading tip: After you’ve done the searches, load your file into a program that can do text-to-speech and listen to the whole thing while reading along. You’ll be amazed how many little errors slipped through the editing stage.


Ebook Sale at Smashwords

If you read ebooks, check out this great sale at Smashwords. Through the end of July, all our Tabletop Academy Press ebooks are 25% off — and Banished (The Riddled Stone, Book One) is free!

Just remember to enter the discount code (SFREE for Banished, and SSW25 for all the others) at checkout.

Click an image below to read more about that book. The discount codes are also listed on each book’s description page.

Banished-600 Hunted-600 LetsPlayMathPPBcover CountingGames AdditionGames MYCPcover

New Covers for The Riddled Stone Series

We just loaded up the new versions of Banished and Hunted to all the ebook sites, and CreateSpace for print books, too. New covers, plus one more round of whack-a-typo. It always takes a few days for the web pages to update, but they’re on the way!

The stories haven’t changed, and the typos we found were very minor. But if you want the latest versions, just wait until the new cover shows at your ebook vendor, then contact their Customer Service department to find out their rules for getting a new release. For instance, it used to be automatic at, but now you have to send in a request through their “Contact Us” form.

Here are the old and new cover versions. What do you think?



Book Cover Reveal: The Riddled Stone #3

From Teresa:

Betrayed-600My latest “Fantasy Fiction” newsletter went out early this afternoon to everyone who signed up for Tabletop Academy Press fiction updates. This issue featured a peek at the shiny new covers for my fantasy serial adventure, The Riddled Stone, including the long-awaited-and-coming-very-soon book #3.

And an Ebook SALE! My novels are on sale at Smashwords this month — including Banished (Book #1) for FREE. Just enter the coupon code (found on each book’s description page) when you check out.

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