“Want to help your kids with math? Don’t help with the homework. Get them to engage with math by doing things together — many of which don’t even look like math. Let’s Play Math is charming, intelligent, and practical; full of family fun and sound advice.”

—Ian Stewart, author of Professor Stewart’s Casebook of Mathematical Mysteries

How Families Can Learn Math Together — and Enjoy It


Denise Gaskins provides helpful tips for all families, whether your children are homeschooling, unschooling, or attending a traditional classroom. Even if you struggled with math in school, you can help your kids practice mental math skills, master the basic facts, and ask the kind of questions that encourage deeper thought.

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Sections include:

  • How to Understand Math: Introduce your children to the thrill of conquering a challenge. Build deep understanding by thinking, playing, and asking questions like a mathematician.
  • Playful Problem Solving: Awaken your children’s minds to the beauty and wonder of mathematics. Discover the social side of math, and learn games for players of all ages.
  • Math with Living Books: See how mathematical ideas ebb and flow through the centuries with this brief tour through history. Can your kids solve puzzles from China, India, or Ancient Egypt?
  • Let’s Get Practical: Fit math into your family’s daily life, help your children develop mental calculation skills, and find out what to try when your child struggles.
  • Resources and References: With so many library books and Internet sites, you’ll never run out of ways to play with math.

Whether you want to balance and enrich your child’s traditional curriculum or launch an off-road mathematical adventure of your own, this book can help your family enjoy learning.

Don’t let your children suffer from the epidemic of math anxiety. Grab a copy of Let’s Play Math, and start enjoying math today.

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290 pages, ebook: $9.99, paperback: $21.99.

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“With this approach I can teach my kids to think like mathematicians without worrying about leaving gaps … I can’t wait to take my children by the hand and head off to explore the wonderful world of maths.”

—Lucinda Leo, Navigating By Joy

Reviews of Let’s Play Math


“A beautiful book that explains the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of teaching math … well researched, well annotated, and includes loads of activities that you can try with kids K-12 at home … there were so many parts of this book that I highlighted that I really gave my Kindle a workout!”
—Jennifer Bardsley, Teaching My Baby To Read

“Denise has gathered up a treasure trove of living math resources for busy parents. If you’ve ever struggled to see how to make math come alive beyond your math curriculum (or if you’ve ever considered teaching math without a curriculum), you’ll want to check out this book.”
—Kate Snow, Kate’s Homeschool Math Help

“This is the math helper I wish I’d had years ago.”
—Anne White, author of Minds More Awake

Let’s Play Math could be the very introduction a young family needs as they contemplate the first few years of homeschooling. It could be a fantastic book for a family with a child that’s struggling (in homeschool or otherwise) with math. This book would be perfect for a parent who has always struggled with inadequacies in math or for someone like me, who always did just fine in math but never understood the claims of math’s beauty or fascination. I find myself excited to explore some of the resources the author has gathered together for my own growth and new challenges.”
—Kansas Mom, Our Home on the Range

“I cannot recommend Denise’s book highly enough. It is jam-packed with ideas and they are presented in an easy to follow way. You don’t feel overwhelmed at all, and you will have TONS of ideas for games, many of which you only need a deck of cards or a printer. Great bang for your buck.”
—Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley, author of My Little Poppies

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