Download and Play, No Strings Attached!

You have permission to print and use these game boards and worksheets in your own local classroom, home school, math circle, co-op class, etc. But you may not post them as your own or sell them. If you’re not sure how copyright works on the Internet, check out Daniel Scocco’s Copyright Law: 12 Dos and Don’ts.

Geometric Coloring Designs


Denise created these coloring pages for her homeschool co-op math kids, but now we’ve collected them into a 42-page PDF coloring book for your family to enjoy. Includes several links to creative ideas for playing with graph paper.

Download Geometric Coloring Designs

Number Game Printables Pack


The 22-page PDF Number Game Printables Pack file includes hundred charts, graph paper, and game boards from the first two Math You Can Play books.

Download Number Game Printables Pack

Multiplication & Fraction Printables


The 44-page PDF Multiplication & Fraction Printables file features two decks of mathematical model playing cards, plus hundred charts and all the game boards for the Math You Can Play: Multiplication & Fractions book.

Download Multiplication & Fraction Printables

4 thoughts on “Free Math Printable Files

  1. Thank you for this printable pack. I own Math games for elementary students and it has been very helpful for us. We enjoy the games.

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