Download and Play, No Strings Attached!

Tabletop Academy Press offers a variety of free ebooks and printable activity guides, including all the gameboard files for each of the Math You Can Play books. Visit our online store and click the “Free Books” button.

Or Use These Links to Go Directly to Each Book:

You have permission to print and use these game boards and worksheets in your own local classroom, home school, math circle, co-op class, etc. But you may not post them as your own or sell them. If you’re not sure how copyright works on the Internet, check out Daniel Scocco’s Copyright Law: 12 Dos and Don’ts.

14 thoughts on “Free Math Printable Files

  1. Thank you for this printable pack. I own Math games for elementary students and it has been very helpful for us. We enjoy the games.

  2. Hi Denise. I just wanted to tell you that you have quite literally changed the way I think about math, feel about math, teach math, and interact with math concepts. I homeschool my 3rd and 8th grader and your book has had an enormous impact on our interaction with math every single day. I’ve had a lifelong aversion to math and numbers. My bend is much more toward literature, writing and words. Math confused me from an early age and I was fearful of the responsibility when it came to teaching my kids. We now live a math saturated life. Everything can be turned into a puzzle or mystery when approaching a search for patterns or revealing math’s constant presence. Thank you is not nearly a big enough statement but it’s all I have so THANK YOU!

    1. Wow, Melanie. That’s so encouraging! I’m glad my work has helped, but congratulations to you for having the courage to face the fear and move through it. And what a blessing to your kids, for them to see that sort of lifelong learning in Mom.

  3. Thank you for publishing your books and also the free resources. I hope to turn my math-adverse older children (10 and 12) away from their fear of math and cultivate a love for it in my 6-year-old. I only wish I’d found out about you sooner!

  4. Denise, I am so glad to have found your books at my local library! I tutor a student at my daughter’s school. When I started out, I tried to just follow the curriculum books for the two grades the student was behind. It wasn’t going well. Then I found your books and even just in the introduction learned a whole different way to approach things. “My” student is doing really well now. Still not caught up with the rest of the class but getting closer every day and he actually looks forward to and enjoys doing math now, at least most of the time! Who knew I just had to make it fun and engaging? 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  5. Hi,
    I have just purchased your book and am excited to play these games with my grandson. Unfortunately, when I click the free books or printable activity guides, nothing happens. It does not open. any suggestions? Thanks!

    1. Hi, Linda, I’m sorry you’re having trouble with my free books page. How frustrating!

      I added some links on the page that go directly to my ebook store (where the free books are), if that helps.

      But I’d also like some more information about the problem, if you don’t mind. Did you have trouble on my blog page itself, or was your trouble after you got to the store?

      If we can’t figure out anything else, I can always email you the files directly. But I’d like to find the problem, in case anyone else is struggling with the same issue.

      Thanks! Denise

      On Fri, Oct 9, 2020 at 12:07 PM Tabletop Academy Press wrote:


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