Thank you for your interest in our playful math books!

You have permission to print and use these game boards and worksheets in your own local classroom, home school, math circle, co-op class, etc. But you may not post them as your own or sell them. If you’re not sure how copyright works on the Internet, check out Daniel Scocco’s Copyright Law: 12 Dos and Don’ts.

Geometric Coloring Designs


Denise created these coloring pages for her homeschool co-op math kids, but now we’ve collected them into a 24-page PDF coloring book for your family to enjoy. Includes several links to creative ideas for playing with graph paper.

Download Geometric Coloring Designs

Number Game Printables Pack


The 22-page PDF Number Game Printables Pack file includes hundred charts, graph paper, and game boards from the first two Math You Can Play books.

Download Number Game Printables Pack

Multiplication & Fraction Printables


The 44-page PDF Multiplication & Fraction Printables file features two decks of mathematical model playing cards, plus hundred charts and all the game boards for the Math You Can Play: Multiplication & Fractions book.

Download Multiplication & Fraction Printables

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