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Terms of Use: The Student Math Makers Gallery is open to submissions from anyone, without discrimination by age, race, gender, country, or planet of origin. We are all students — learning is a lifelong adventure!

By submitting your (or your child’s) work, you guarantee that this is your own original creation, and you freely grant to Denise Gaskins of Tabletop Academy Press (and her successors and assigns) the worldwide, perpetual, nonexclusive right to reproduce and distribute this math creation in the Student Math Makers Gallery and all derivative works, in all media now known or later devised, including related products or promotional materials.

[Translation: You give us legal permission to publish your math creation and to share it with others.]

You may submit new creations as often as you like. If we choose your entry for publication, we’ll send you a link to your gallery page at the email address you provide below.

Privacy Policy: We will NEVER post your full name or contact information! With each published math creation, we will share the author/artist’s given name, age, and home country. See examples on the Student Math Makers Gallery home page.

Type your entry in the space below, or upload it to a file-sharing service like Google Photos/Docs or Dropbox, then submit the link in our form. For a hand-written or artistic submission, please submit a high-resolution photo of your creation through file-sharing.