“Reading one of Gaskins’ books is like going to a really great teacher workshop — part philosophy, part practical ideas, and all excellent. She just oozes expertise and enthusiasm.”

—Amy at Hope Is the Word


How to Learn Math Without Tears


All parents and teachers have one thing in common: we want our children to understand and be able to use math. Counting, multiplication, fractions, geometry‌—‌these topics are older than the pyramids. So why is mathematical mastery so elusive?

Filled with stories and pictures, Let’s Play Math offers a wealth of practical, hands-on ideas for exploring concepts from preschool to high school. Your children will gain a strong foundation when you approach math as a family game, playing with ideas.

Don’t let your children suffer from the epidemic of math anxiety. Grab a copy of Let’s Play Math, and start enjoying math today.

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“This is the math helper I wish I’d had years ago.”

—Anne White, author of Minds More Awake

The Math You Can Play Series


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if math was something your kids WANTED to do?

Your children can practice their math skills with basic items you already have around the house, such as playing cards and dice. Each book in the Math You Can Play series features twenty or more kid-tested math games, offering a variety of challenges for all ages.

If you are a parent, these games provide opportunities to enjoy quality time with your children. If you are a classroom teacher, use the games as warm-ups and learning center activities or for a relaxing review day at the end of a term. If you are a tutor or homeschooler, make games a regular feature in your lesson plans to build your students’ mental math skills.

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“It revolutionized our homeschool this year.”

—Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley, author of My Little Poppies