Denise Gaskins

“As a homeschool mom who loves math, I want to help other homeschoolers see the variety and richness of the subject. Math is not just rules and rote memory. Math is like ice cream, with more flavors than you can imagine — and if all your children ever do is textbook math, that’s like feeding them broccoli-flavored ice cream.”

Denise has taught or tutored mathematics at every level from pre-K to undergraduate physics — which she describes as “Just one story problem after another. What fun!” Now she writes the popular blog Let’s Play Math and manages the monthly Playful Math Blog Carnival.

Homeschooling for more than a quarter century, Denise and her husband raised five children (and a veritable zoo of critters) in the rural countryside of central Illinois. Her hobbies are Bible study, recreational math, and “reading anything I can get my hands on.”

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Teresa Gaskins

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“Homeschooling, creating stories, and loving cats are things I’ve been doing since forever. I enjoy most fiction but my favorites (both to read and to write) are fantasy and science-fiction. I also enjoy horse riding, programming, and making videos. I hope you enjoy my books!”

Teen author Teresa Gaskins was creating stories before she could write. She enjoys a wide variety of fiction, fantasy has always been her favorite genre, and she hopes to keep writing as long as she has stories to tell.

Teresa wrote Banished (beginning the saga of The Riddled Stone) when she was thirteen years old and had been homeschooled all her life. She had completed NaNoWriMo the previous three years, but Banished was the first NaNo book she stuck with all the way to publication. Revealed, Teresa’s fourth published book, wraps up the adventure of The Riddled Stone.

It also wraps up her career as a teen author, since she finished the book at the tail end of her nineteenth year.

She used to think high school was a lot of work, but college is a whole new level of busy. Teresa continues to write (and somehow finds time for NaNo each November) at her home in rural Illinois, surrounded by fields of corn and soybeans, with her cat overlords Cimorene and Puck the Deadly, plus her new kitten Eomji.

Visit Teresa online: Kitten’s Purring — Stories for a Cozy Lap, or her Amazon Author Page.

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