Fantasy Fiction Cover Reveal

It’s coming this summer! The long-awaited conclusion to Teresa Gaskins’s epic fantasy serial, The Riddled Stone.

The edits took two years longer than we hoped, as Teresa had to squeeze in her writing between calculus exams and college essays. She used to think high school was a lot of work, but college is a whole new level of busy!

But finally, it’s done. All except for the final post-production formatting and publishing details.

Here’s a sneak peek at the cover for Revealed: The Riddled Stone, Book Four.

Trapped in Magic and Stone

A gift she never wanted. A curse she can’t escape.

Alone in the dark, Nora of Yorc feels the dungeon walls pressing in. Even worse, the duke’s sorcery weaves itself around her, unseen and deadly. But as the spell tightens, shy, fragile Nora breaks — and something new takes her place.

Or something old beyond memory.

Nora joined this quest to help her friends. But can she stop herself before the wildness within destroys them all?

If you love epic struggles of good against evil, don’t miss Revealed, the exciting conclusion of Teresa Gaskins’s four-book serial fantasy adventure, The Riddled Stone.

Pre-order Revealed at your favorite online store.

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