Now Available for Preorder: 312 Things To Do with a Math Journal

Are you looking for new ways to help your children learn math?

In a math journal, children explore their own ideas about numbers, shapes, and patterns through drawing or writing in response to a question.

Journaling encourages students to develop a rich mathematical mindset. They begin to see connections and make sense of math concepts. They grow confident in their ability to think through new ideas.

All they need is a piece of paper, a pencil, and a good prompt to launch their mathematical journey.

312 Things To Do with a Math Journal by Denise Gaskins includes number play prompts, games, math art, story problems, mini-essays, geometry investigations, brainteasers, number patterns, research projects, and much more.

These activities work at any grade level, and most can be enjoyed more than once. It doesn’t matter whether your students are homeschooled or in a classroom, distance-learning, or in person. Everyone can enjoy the experience of playing around with math.

Coming March 14th in Ebook and Paperback

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And be sure to grab an Adventurous Student Journal or the printable Journaling Pages Bundle to make the writing fun!

Early Reviews from Our Journaling Beta-Testers

  • “We really enjoyed these!”
  • “I remember doing pages and pages of dull equations with no creativity or puzzle-thinking, but now as a homeschool mom, I’m actually enjoying math for the first time! My daughter’s math skills have skyrocketed and she always asks to start homeschool with math.”
  • “Thank you for a great intro to Playful Math!”
  • “All of the kids were excited about their journals. My oldest kept going without prompting and did several more pages on his own.”
  • “We had a lot of fun doing your math prompts. We had never done any math journaling before, but we will certainly integrate this into our weekly routine from now on.”

Pick up a copy of 312 Things To Do with a Math Journal and begin your family’s math journaling adventure today.

For More Information

Check out Denise’s The Creative Way To Help Your Kids Learn Math series on her Let’s Play Math blog.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday Discount

Are you’re looking for new math activities to play with your kids?

Math maven Denise Gaskins just added several new printable activity guides and discount bundles to our online store — including a huge variety of math journaling resources.

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Playful Math Journaling: Preorder on Kickstarter

Are you looking for new ways to explore math with your kids?

Would you like an easy, no-prep resource for creative problem-solving, number play, math art, word problems, mini-essays, math poetry, geometry investigations, research projects, and much more?

We just recently launched a Kickstarter project for people to preorder Denise Gaskins’s new book, 312 Things To Do with a Math Journal. It just might transform your child’s experience of math.

In a math journal, children explore their own ideas about numbers, shapes, and patterns through drawing or writing in response to a question. Journaling teaches them to see with mathematical eyes. Not just to remember what we adults tell them, but to create their own math.

Scroll down the Kickstarter project page to download the free 16-page printable “Math Journaling Sampler” file. It includes one of Denise’s all-time favorite math activities.

Give it a try and launch your family’s math journaling adventure today.

Have fun playing math with your kids!

Visit the Playful Math Journaling Kickstarter page

Lockdown Ebook Sale

Who would have guessed we’d still be under pandemic social restrictions after a year?

To help your family keep busy through the final (we hope!) lockdowns, Tabletop Academy Press is offering a 30% discount coupon on all ebooks and activity guides at our online store.

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Math Games for Middle School

It’s Here!!

Denise Gaskins’s newest book, Prealgebra & Geometry: Math Games for Middle School, hits the online bookstores today.

Check Your Favorite Store

Early-Reader Reviews

“The games are easy to put into practice (even for a mom of 4 with 2 toddlers) and something my daughter would participate in willingly or even enjoy (which is saying a lot for a teen who doesn’t always appreciate a challenge). Clever, helpful, and creative in ways I’d never come up with.”

—Casey Baldwin, homeschooling parent

“The directions are clear, it is easy for parents to pick up and use, yet it gets to the heart of mathematical thinking in a fun, engaging way.”

—Casey Maupin, homeschooling parent

“I love everything about this book – seriously! I feel challenged and encouraged to improve my teaching methods, as well as my own understanding of math concepts. If I could go back in time, I would play a lot more games and spend a lot more time on the understanding and why behind math than on workbooks.”

—Carla Roesler, homeschooling parent

What’s in the Book?

Prepare students for high school math by playing with positive and negative integers, number properties, mixed operations, algebraic functions, coordinate geometry, and more. Prealgebra & Geometry features 41 kid-tested games, offering a variety of challenges for students in 4–9th grades and beyond.

A true understanding of mathematics requires more than the ability to memorize procedures. This 250-page book helps your children learn to think mathematically, giving them a strong foundation for future learning.

Chapters include:

  • Number Properties: Master factors, multiples, prime numbers, and logical deduction.
  • Integers: Explore the workings of positive and negative numbers.
  • Operations and Functions: Stretch your mental muscles with games that require algebraic thinking.
  • Geometry: Play around with area, perimeter, coordinate graphing, and more.

And don’t worry if you’ve forgotten all the math you learned in school. Denise included plenty of definitions and explanations throughout the book. It’s like having a painless math refresher course as you play!

Math You Can Play

Prealgebra & Geometry is the final book in our Math You Can Play series, which features plenty of great games to play with students from preschool to middle school. And beyond — even adults can enjoy the games in these books.

Learn More about Math You Can Play

Math games pump up mental muscle, reduce the fear of failure, and generate a positive attitude toward mathematics. Through playful interaction, games strengthen a child’s intuitive understanding of numbers and build problem-solving strategies. Mastering a math game can be hard work, but kids do it willingly because it is fun.

So what are you waiting for? Clear off a table, grab a deck of cards, and let’s play some math!

A New Resource for Playful Math

Are you looking for new ways to explore math with your kids?

Would you like an easy, no-prep resource for creative problem-solving, number play, math art, word problems, mini-essays, brainteasers, patterns, research projects, and much more?

Check out the Make 100 Math Rebels Kickstarter project, which just might transform your child’s experience of math.

What Is a Math Rebel?

Math rebels believe in Truth. They refuse to accept something just because the teacher or textbook says it. They want to see the connections between math concepts and to understand why things work.

Math rebels care about Justice. They resist society’s push for speed and conformity. They reject the cultural narrative that math has only One Right Answer.

Math rebels celebrate Creative Reasoning. They delight in finding new ways to look at math topics. They want to think deeply about ideas, and they are confident in our ability to figure things out.

Launch your family’s math rebellion today with the free printable PDF booklet, “How To Be a Math Rebel,” available only on our Make 100 Math Rebels Kickstarter page.

Here’s the link again:

Make 100 Math Rebels on Kickstarter

If you like what you see, we’d love to have your support. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if children everywhere could experience the adventure of true liberal-arts math?

Printable Activity Guides

Math Maven Denise Gaskins has been busy, filling our new online store with math activities for all ages.

It’s a great collection of low- or no-prep ideas for playing math with your kids.

We’ve made the first two Geometric Coloring Designs books permanently free.

[The Let’s Play Math Sampler is also permafree, though it’s an ebook, so it’s on a different virtual shelf. You can find it under the “Free Books” section.]

For the rest, we’ve kept our prices as low as possible to fit struggling family budgets.

Grab Yours Today

Just go to our online store and click the “Printable Activity Guides” button to check out all the mathy fun.

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Free Books:

Math Art:

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Problem-Solving Skills:

Try This Math Project for the Election Season

Denise Gaskins just posted a new math activity on her blog. No purchase necessary!

But if you want to make life easier, you can buy our printable activity guide, The Gerrymander Project: Math in the World of Politics, which includes a prepared city map with more detailed instructions, answers, and journaling prompts.

And save money! We’ve extended the 10% discount code TBLTOP10 (good on all the ebooks and printable activities at our online store) through to Election Day, 3 November 2020.

Prealgebra & Geometry Preorders

The next book in Denise Gaskins’s popular Math You Can Play series, Prealgebra & Geometry: Math Games for Middle School, is scheduled for release to regular bookstores in February, 2021.

Because no publisher wants to send a new book into the world during such hectic, unsettled times as a big election, the winter holidays, or during inauguration season.

But preorder links are beginning to appear at several of the major online booksellers. More stores will join them, as the information filters down through their website systems.

The paperback will also be up for preorder, whenever the sites catch that update.

And remember: If you don’t favor a particular bookstore, you can buy the early-release ebook edition right now at our Tabletop Academy Press webstore — and get a 10% discount if you order before 15 October.

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Best of all, you can pick up an exclusive, pre-release copy of Denise Gaskins’s long-awaited Prealgebra & Geometry: Math Games for Middle School (scheduled for publication to bookstores in February 2021).

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