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Math Maven Denise Gaskins has been busy, filling our new online store with math activities for all ages.

It’s a great collection of low- or no-prep ideas for playing math with your kids.

We’ve made the first two Geometric Coloring Designs books permanently free.

[The Let’s Play Math Sampler is also permafree, though it’s an ebook, so it’s on a different virtual shelf. You can find it under the “Free Books” section.]

For the rest, we’ve kept our prices as low as possible to fit struggling family budgets.

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Try This Math Project for the Election Season

Denise Gaskins just posted a new math activity on her blog. No purchase necessary!

But if you want to make life easier, you can buy our printable activity guide, The Gerrymander Project: Math in the World of Politics, which includes a prepared city map with more detailed instructions, answers, and journaling prompts.

And save money! We’ve extended the 10% discount code TBLTOP10 (good on all the ebooks and printable activities at our online store) through to Election Day, 3 November 2020.

Prealgebra & Geometry Preorders

The next book in Denise Gaskins’s popular Math You Can Play series, Prealgebra & Geometry: Math Games for Middle School, is scheduled for release to regular bookstores in February, 2021.

Because no publisher wants to send a new book into the world during such hectic, unsettled times as a big election, the winter holidays, or during inauguration season.

But preorder links are beginning to appear at several of the major online booksellers. More stores will join them, as the information filters down through their website systems.

The paperback will also be up for preorder, whenever the sites catch that update.

And remember: If you don’t favor a particular bookstore, you can buy the early-release ebook edition right now at our Tabletop Academy Press webstore — and get a 10% discount if you order before 15 October.

Support Your Favorite Authors

Did you know that authors earn 50% more royalties when you buy direct from the publisher?

Well, it depends on their publishing company, but that’s how we do it here at Tabletop Academy Press. When you choose to cut out the middleman, we pass the savings along.

You get a bonus, too: When you buy direct from our online store, you get DRM-free ebook files in your choice of format — including printable pdf files not available in bookstores. And if you need help, our BookFunnel service will be more than happy to walk you through the steps of transferring ebook files to your phone or device.

Best of all, you can pick up an exclusive, pre-release copy of Denise Gaskins’s long-awaited Prealgebra & Geometry: Math Games for Middle School (scheduled for publication to bookstores in February 2021).

Special Offer: Use the coupon code TBLTOP10 at checkout to save 10% off your purchase. (Expires 15 October 2020 Extended through 3 November 2020.)

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Math You Can Play Kickstarter

Build skills!

Develop confidence!

Crush math anxiety!

Denise Gaskins’s Math You Can Play books help families learn while having fun together. You’ll love this natural, no-stress way to strengthen your child’s understanding and confidence.

This Kickstarter project offers you the chance to pick up a variety of playful math books at a discount — plus some nifty bonuses.

Best of all, you can get an early copy of Denise’s newest book, Prealgebra & Geometry: Math Games for Middle School, months before it hits the regular bookstores.

Check It Out

As a special treat, the Kickstarter page includes four free sample games to enjoy with your kids today. Clear off a table, find a deck of cards, and you’re ready to play some math.

And please, tell your friends about the Kickstarter.

We’d love to spread everywhere the news that learning math can be fun!

Readers Review Denise’s New Book

“When I’m asked about resources for math games, Denise Gaskins is one of the first names I mention. In this book, she’s sharing games and activities for prealgebra and geometry, and it’s genuinely good stuff, touching on relevant and sometimes technical topics in a consistently fun and engaging way … a can’t-miss resource.”
—Dan Finkel, creator of the Prime Climb math board game

“I love everything about this book – seriously! I feel challenged and encouraged to improve my teaching methods, as well as my own understanding of math concepts. If I could go back in time, I would play a lot more games and spend a lot more time on the understanding and why behind math than on workbooks.”
—Carla Roesler, homeschooling parent

“The directions are clear, it is easy for parents to pick up and use, yet it gets to the heart of mathematical thinking in a fun, engaging way.”
—Casey Maupin, homeschooling parent

“The games are easy to put into practice (even for a mom of 4 with 2 toddlers) and something my daughter would participate in willingly or even enjoy (which is saying a lot for a teen who doesn’t always appreciate a challenge). Clever, helpful, and creative in ways I’d never come up with.”
—Casey Baldwin, homeschooling parent

Stuck at Home with Your Kids? Play Math! Sampler Ebook Now Free

One of the most common questions we get from parents who want to help their children enjoy math is, “Where do we start?”

Our favorite answer: “Play games!”

And in this time of pandemic crisis, it’s even more important for families to play together. So we’ve made Denise Gaskins’s ebook Let’s Play Math Sampler: 10 Family-Favorite Games for Learning Math Through Play free for the duration.

When you’re stuck at home and getting bored, it’s a great time to play math with your kids.

Math games meet children each at their own level. The child who sits at the head of the class can solidify skills. The child who lags behind grade level can build fluency and gain confidence.

And both will learn something even more important: that hard mental effort can be fun.

The Let’s Play Math Sampler contains short excerpts from our most popular books, including a preview of two games from Denise’s work-in-progress Prealgebra & Geometry Games.

Don’t miss it: Download your copy today.

Free Online Preview

Ebook available FREE at most bookstores:
Amazon-logo google-play-badge Barnes-Noble-logo kobo-logo apple-books-badge Scribd_logo and other online retailers.

NOTE: Has your favorite store refused to adjust its price? (I’m looking at you, Amazon!) Try this link, and the good folks at BookFunnel will help you load the ebook file to your reading device (phone, Kindle, etc.):

Or you can order the paperback by special request at your favorite local bookshop.

“Denise Gaskins is that sound voice of reason that comes into my head when I get agitated teaching. This isn’t performance — this is play. My kids aren’t on trial, they are learning to learn.”

—Sonya Post

“By exploring math in a playful way, your kids will be happy to learn and will discover an enjoyment of math in the process. You might even have fun, too! ”

—Olisia Yeend

10 Family-Favorite Games for Learning Math Through Play

Do you want your children to enjoy learning math? Teach them how to play!

In excerpts from author Denise Gaskins’s most popular books, the Let’s Play Math Sampler features ten kid-tested games covering math concepts from counting to prealgebra.

Free Online Preview

Pick up a copy of the Let’s Play Math Sampler today, and make math a playful family adventure.

Buy now:

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and other online retailers, or order the paperback by special request at your favorite local bookshop.

Free Online Preview: The Riddled Stone Omnibus

Do you enjoy binge reading tales of epic fantasy? Love exploring magical worlds wracked by struggles of good against evil?

Then don’t miss this complete, four-books-in-one bundle of Teresa Gaskins’s serial adventure, The Riddled Stone.

Free Online Preview

Buy now at:

Amazon-Kindle-logo the_book_depository_logo Barnes-Noble-logo kobo-logo apple-books-badge Scribd_logo google-play-badge

and other online retailers, or by special request at your favorite local bookshop.

“A captivating fantasy story with a well-thought-out plot…”

— Wayne S. Walker, Home School Book Review

“There are some obvious protagonists and some obvious villains, but Gaskins creates a nice ambiguity around several of the key characters. The plot itself is interesting and engaging with multiple levels of motivation that drive it along. Mainly, this is a group-of-friends quest story that is fun and well told.”

— Phanwadee, online reader review

“I enjoyed the book and I am absolutely amazed at how such a young author can write so well. I definitely see her going far in her writing career, and I can’t wait to see what stories she publishes next.”

— Tia, Homeschool

The Riddled Stone: Omnibus Edition, Four Books in One

Do you enjoy binge reading tales of epic fantasy?

Love exploring magical worlds wracked by struggles of good against evil?

Then don’t miss this complete, four-book bundle of Teresa Gaskins’s serial adventure, The Riddled Stone.

Coming to bookstores May 15, 2019. Pre-order your copy today.

Book One: Banished

Haunted by dreams. On a quest for answers.

Christopher Fredrico loved the quiet life of a scholar-in-training. Plenty of spare time to spend with his friends. But the night Crown Prince Tyler came to dinner, everything changed.

Falsely accused of stealing a magical artifact and banished under threat of death, Chris leaves the only home he knows.

But as he and his friends travel towards the coast, they find a riddle that may save a kingdom — or cost them their lives.

Book Two: Hunted

She tried to warn them. They wouldn’t listen.

As a child, Terrin of Xell barely escaped a spirit from the Dark Forest. She knows better than to rely on magic. But with her schoolmate Chris accused of a magical crime he didn’t commit, she couldn’t let him face banishment alone.

So Terrin gets caught up in Chris’s quest to recover an ancient relic, with only magic to guide them.

Naturally, everything goes wrong.

What lurks in the shadows, hunting Terrin and her friends? Or did the magic itself turn against them?

Book Three: Betrayed

How can a knight fight magic?

Trained by the greatest knight in North Raec, Sir Arnold Fredrico dreamed of valiant deeds. Save the damsel. Serve the king.

Dreams change. Now the land teeters at the brink of war. As a fugitive with a price on his head, Arnold struggles to protect his friends.

But their enemy wields more power than the young knight can imagine.

Book Four: Revealed

A gift she never wanted. A curse she can’t escape.

Alone in the dark, Nora of Yorc feels the dungeon walls pressing in. Even worse, the duke’s sorcery weaves itself around her, unseen and deadly. But as the spell tightens, shy, fragile Nora breaks — and something new takes her place.

Or something old beyond memory.

Nora joined this quest to help her friends. But can she stop herself before the wildness within destroys them all?

Complete in One Volume

Pre-order The Riddled Stone at your favorite online store.

Getting Started with Playful Math

Does the idea of playful math intrigue you?

Denise Gaskins has put together a short, inexpensive book to help families begin playing with math.

Let’s Play Math Sampler: 10 Family-Favorite Games for Learning Math Through Play contains short excerpts from Denise’s most popular books, including a preview of two games from her work-in-progress Prealgebra & Geometry Games.

The Let’s Play Math Sampler comes out March 5th, just in time to play math games for Pi Day (3/14).

Don’t miss it: Preorder your copy today.

Click here to preorder the Sampler.