70+ Things To Do with a Hundred Chart

Do the holidays mess with your schedule? They sure do with ours!

Every year, we get busy. Distracted. Just can’t focus on lessons.

We love easy activities that require minimal preparation so we can pull something out and play when we’re having one of those no-energy days.

If that sounds good to you, too, then you’ll want to check out Denise Gaskins’s new ebook 70+ Things To Do with a Hundred Chart: Number, Shape, and Logic Activities from Preschool to Middle School.

Long years ago, when Denise presented workshops at homeschooling conferences, she used to share a list of seven ways to play with a hundred chart. The all-time most visited post on her Let’s Play Math blog offers 34 playful activities. Now she’s more than doubled that total for this book.

So many ways to play! One of them is sure to be perfect for you and your children.

Take your child on a mathematical adventure with these playful, practical activities.

Who knew math could be so much fun?

Free Online Preview

Available online, or by special request at your favorite local bookseller.

“Wow … I had to be careful not to get obsessed with doing all the games.

“I so wish I had been taught math like this rather than ‘memorize, memorize’ and ‘that is just the way it is — do it, don’t ask questions.’

“I look forward to using this resource with my granddaughters. They are middle-school and high school level but love to play games. I love challenging their minds, which makes the games great no matter what age or school level.”

— Judy St. John

P.S.: If you have a blog and would like to host a giveaway for 70+ Things To Do with a Hundred Chart (or any of our other Tabletop Academy Press books), we’d be glad to provide the prize. Leave a comment below, and we’ll contact you to set up the details.

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