Fantasy Fiction Cover Reveal

It’s coming this summer! The long-awaited conclusion to Teresa Gaskins’s epic fantasy serial, The Riddled Stone.

The edits took two years longer than we hoped, as Teresa had to squeeze in her writing between calculus exams and college essays. She used to think high school was a lot of work, but college is a whole new level of busy!

But finally, it’s done. All except for the final post-production formatting and publishing details.

Here’s a sneak peek at the cover for Revealed: The Riddled Stone, Book Four.

Trapped in Magic and Stone

A gift she never wanted. A curse she can’t escape.

Alone in the dark, Nora of Yorc feels the dungeon walls pressing in. Even worse, the duke’s sorcery weaves itself around her, unseen and deadly. But as the spell tightens, shy, fragile Nora breaks — and something new takes her place.

Or something old beyond memory.

Nora joined this quest to help her friends. But can she stop herself before the wildness within destroys them all?

If you love epic struggles of good against evil, don’t miss Revealed, the exciting conclusion of Teresa Gaskins’s four-book serial fantasy adventure, The Riddled Stone.

Pre-order Revealed at your favorite online store.

70+ Things To Do with a Hundred Chart

Do the holidays mess with your schedule? They sure do with ours!

Every year, we get busy. Distracted. Just can’t focus on lessons.

We love easy activities that require minimal preparation so we can pull something out and play when we’re having one of those no-energy days.

If that sounds good to you, too, then you’ll want to check out Denise Gaskins’s new ebook 70+ Things To Do with a Hundred Chart: Number, Shape, and Logic Activities from Preschool to Middle School.

Long years ago, when Denise presented workshops at homeschooling conferences, she used to share a list of seven ways to play with a hundred chart. The all-time most visited post on her Let’s Play Math blog offers 34 playful activities. Now she’s more than doubled that total for this book.

So many ways to play! One of them is sure to be perfect for you and your children.

Take your child on a mathematical adventure with these playful, practical activities.

Who knew math could be so much fun?

Free Online Preview

Available online, or by special request at your favorite local bookseller.

“Wow … I had to be careful not to get obsessed with doing all the games.

“I so wish I had been taught math like this rather than ‘memorize, memorize’ and ‘that is just the way it is — do it, don’t ask questions.’

“I look forward to using this resource with my granddaughters. They are middle-school and high school level but love to play games. I love challenging their minds, which makes the games great no matter what age or school level.”

— Judy St. John

P.S.: If you have a blog and would like to host a giveaway for 70+ Things To Do with a Hundred Chart (or any of our other Tabletop Academy Press books), we’d be glad to provide the prize. Leave a comment below, and we’ll contact you to set up the details.

Hundred Charts Galore!

Check out Denise Gaskins’s new printables for playing math with your kids:

The free 50-page PDF Hundred Charts Galore! printables file features 1–100 charts, 0–99 charts, bottom’s-up versions, multiple-chart pages, blank charts, game boards, and more. Everything you need to play the activities in the 70+ Things to Do with a Hundred Chart book (coming soon from Tabletop Academy Press).

Download Hundred Charts Galore

If all goes well, the hundred chart book should be out (at least in ebook format) by the end of this month. While you’re waiting, you can try some of the activities on Denise’s popular math blog:

Math Journals for Kids

Adventure Journal: with Tessellation Pages

Learning is a great adventure for elementary and middle-school students.

Help your children keep track of their discoveries.

With 123 roomy pages, the Primary Dot Grid Notebooks give your child plenty of space to solve challenge problems, write explanations, or design their own puzzles. The dot grid makes it easy to draw graphs or diagrams. Brainstorm for reports, jot down ideas, work out homework, or fill a page with creative doodles.

Discovery Journal: with Quotations

  • Light gray dots at 1 cm spacing provide guidance to young writers.
  • Isometric grid pages encourage Lego block designs or other drafting.
  • 7 × 10 inch (about 18 x 25 cm) pages are wider than many journals, yet still small enough to carry it anywhere.

Perfect for use as a commonplace book or to help your child master Bullet Journaling. The paperback binding provides strength without adding weight. Tough enough to withstand a crowded schoolbag.

Wayfarer’s Journal: with Square and Isometric Grids

  • The Adventure Journal includes 12 geometric-patterned coloring pages (inspired by Islamic tessellation designs) which allow a multitude of artistic possibilities.
  • The Discovery Journal features 23 favorite quotes that offer a thought-provoking vision for lifelong learning.

Order a Primary Dot Grid Notebook today, and launch your child on a voyage of educational exploration.

What Can Your Kids Do with a Math Journal?

Prevent cracked spines: How to Break In Your New Math Journal.

And check out these idea-filled posts on Denise Gaskins’s Let’s Play Math blog:

Adventure Journal: with Tessellation Pages
Discovery Journal: with Quotations
Wayfarer’s Journal: with Square and Isometric Grids

Before you start doodling: How to Break In Your New Math Journal.

Let’s Play Math in Korean

For any author, the first translated book is a huge milestone. And here it is: Denise Gaskins’s Let’s Play Math is now out in Korean. Congratulations, Denise!

You can find the book at these two major bookstores:

And probably in other places where Korean education or parenting books are sold.

If you know a Korean-speaking family who wants to play math with their kids, we’d be honored if you share Denise’s book.

Word Problems from Literature: An Introduction to Bar Model Diagrams

You can help prevent math anxiety by giving your children the mental tools they need to conquer the toughest story problems.

Young children expect to look at a word problem and instantly see the answer. But as they get older, their textbook math problems also grow in difficulty, so this solution-by-intuitive-leap becomes impossible.

Too often the frustrated child concludes, “I’m just not good at math.” But with guided practice, any student can learn to master word problems.

Word Problems from Literature features math puzzles for elementary and middle school students from classic books such as Mr. Popper’s Penguins and The Hobbit.

For each puzzle, Denise Gaskins demonstrates step by step how to use the problem-solving tool of bar model diagrams, a type of pictorial algebra. For children who are used to playing with Legos or other blocks — or with computer games like Minecraft — this approach reveals the underlying structure of a math word problem. Students can make sense of how each quantity in the story relates to the others and see a path to the solution.

And when you finish the puzzles in this book, Denise shows you how to create your own word problems from literature, based in your children’s favorite story worlds.

Free Online Preview

Buy now at your favorite online bookstore.

If you’re using these word problems with your children, consider buying them the paperback companion Word Problems from Literature Student Workbook.

… and People Like It!

A screen shot from this past weekend:

“I found this method really clarified for me what was going on visually and conceptually. Particularly when it came to more complex questions, for which I would normally write out an equation, I felt that thinking about what was going on with the bars actually made more sense … This is a wonderful book for those who want to support their children in finding better ways to work on word problems.”

—Miranda Jubb, Amazon customer reviewer

Dot Grid Journals with Coloring Pages

New Book Series by Denise Gaskins

With 170 roomy pages, each book gives you plenty of space to record memories, plan projects, and keep track of tasks. The dot grid makes it easy to draw graphs or diagrams. Take notes, jot down ideas, copy your favorite quotations, or doodle to your heart’s content.

  • Light gray dots at 5 mm spacing provide guidance for flexible page layouts.
  • 11 geometric coloring pages (based on Islamic tessellation designs) allow a multitude of artistic possibilities.
  • 31 favorite quotes offer a vision for creative math education.
  • 6 × 9 inch (about 15 × 23 cm) pages are wider than many journals, yet still fit comfortably into a large purse or bag.
  • Paperback binding makes the journal sturdy but lightweight. Carry it anywhere!

Perfect for bullet journaling or for use as a commonplace book, the Dot Grid Journals nurture creative mathematical thinking.

The ebook edition features all 124 quotations (31 from each journal) about mathematics, education, and problem solving. Read through for your own pleasure, post them by your workspace, or use them as writing prompts for yourself or your students.

Yes, all of the ebooks are the same, so there’s no point in buying more than one. And at Amazon, if you buy a paperback journal, you can download the companion ebook for free!

For more information:

Buy now:

Inspirations: A Recreational Mathematics Journal
Reflections: A Math Teacher’s Journal
Explorations: A Math Student’s Journal
Contemplations: A Homeschooler’s Journal

Also available through: Barnes-Noble-logo the_book_depository_logo CreateSpace-logo

A Holiday Gift from Tabletop Academy Press

UPDATE: Newly expanded with fresh designs and links!

‘Tis the season for nasty storms. An icy blast has turned our road into a sheet of glass for the second night in a row. Break out the hot chocolate, and settle in, ’cause Baby it’s cold outside!

If you’re snowed (or iced) in with bored kids, here’s a holiday gift from us to you. Denise Gaskins created these coloring pages for her co-op math kids this semester, but now we’ve collected them into a 24-page 42-page PDF booklet for your family to enjoy.

Happy Christmas!

geometric-coloring-designs-coverDownload Geometric Coloring Designs

Read for Free at Teresa’s Blog

If you enjoy fantasy fiction, check out Teresa Gaskins’ serialized novel Banished over at her Kitten’s Purring blog. She’s been publishing one chapter every week since early September, so there’s plenty of story to sink your teeth into.


All Christopher Fredrico wanted was to be a peaceful scholar who could spend a lot of time with his friends. Now, falsely accused of stealing a magical artifact, he is forced to leave the only home he knows.

But as he and his friends travel towards the coast, they find a riddle that may save a kingdom — or cost them their lives.

Banished: The Riddled Stone Book One by homeschooled teen author Teresa Gaskins, is being serialized freely on her website at the pace of one chapter per week. The full novel is available in ebook or paperback format on Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers.

Click here to read from the beginning