A New Resource for Playful Math

Are you looking for new ways to explore math with your kids?

Would you like an easy, no-prep resource for creative problem-solving, number play, math art, word problems, mini-essays, brainteasers, patterns, research projects, and much more?

Check out the Make 100 Math Rebels Kickstarter project, which just might transform your child’s experience of math.

What Is a Math Rebel?

Math rebels believe in Truth. They refuse to accept something just because the teacher or textbook says it. They want to see the connections between math concepts and to understand why things work.

Math rebels care about Justice. They resist society’s push for speed and conformity. They reject the cultural narrative that math has only One Right Answer.

Math rebels celebrate Creative Reasoning. They delight in finding new ways to look at math topics. They want to think deeply about ideas, and they are confident in our ability to figure things out.

Launch your family’s math rebellion today with the free printable PDF booklet, “How To Be a Math Rebel,” available only on our Make 100 Math Rebels Kickstarter page.

Here’s the link again:

Make 100 Math Rebels on Kickstarter

If you like what you see, we’d love to have your support. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if children everywhere could experience the adventure of true liberal-arts math?

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