Math You Can Play Combo Now Available

The combined edition of Math You Can Play has been an Amazon exclusive ebook for several months. But the multiplication and fractions game book has been delayed at the editor’s. So in Denise’s unexpected free time, she dug into InDesign and put together a print edition. Check it out!


  • Save 20% off the individual ebooks or 35% off the paperback prices when you buy the Math You Can Play Combo, a combined 2-books-in-1 edition available in paperback or ebook.

The 42 kid-tested games are simple to learn, quick to play, and require minimal preparation. Young children can play with counting and number recognition, explore place value, build number sense, and begin learning the basics of addition. Older students can develop mental flexibility by playing with numbers, from basic math facts to the hundreds and beyond.

Free Online Preview

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“Although the cover says games for young learners, the beauty of this book is that most of the games can easily be scaled up for older kids, teens, and even adults. My youngest is four and my oldest is 14, and I will be pulling games for all of them out of this book!

“I appreciate that most of the games are low floor, high ceiling – easy for a child to access, but can be played at a higher level through strategy or slight alterations to the rules. These are not drills disguised as games, but activities that require problem solving and strategy as well as calculation.

“If you are a homeschooler, you need this book. If you are a parent of a reluctant math learner, you need this book. If your family enjoys games played with easy materials such as playing cards, you need this book. Yes, you need this book!”

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