Number Games Printables

Counting-GamesAddition-GamesThe first two Math You Can Play ebooks are now available at Amazon (and coming soon to other online retailers). Today I posted the free downloadable PDF companion file with all the hundred charts, game boards, and score sheets ready to print and play.

Like you, I have a limited amount of free time, and I don’t want to spend it cutting out specialized game pieces or cards. So most of the games in the Math You Can Play series use basic items you already have, such as playing cards and dice.

But there are many entertaining things to do with a hundred chart, and each book includes two or three of my favorite hundred-chart games. For the few other games that need a playing board, you can draw your own on scratch paper just fine, if you want. But it’s just plain fun to use the cut-and-fold game board for Shut the Box.



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