Playful Math Snacks for April 2015

From Denise:


The April “Let’s Play Math” newsletter went out Monday morning to everyone who signed up for Tabletop Academy Press math updates. If you’re not on the mailing list, you can still join in the fun:

A Preview

Math Snack: Math Treks
Playful, no-preparation math activities for all ages

Created by Maria Droujkova, a Math Trek is a “virtual reality” game, played at the intersection between the real world and your imagination. Participants explore their towns and communities, start noticing mathematics everywhere, and grow their math eyes.

Math Treks are like scavenger hunts for math. Gather a group of friends, choose a topic, and go for a walk to see how much math you can find. Take pictures to share and compare. My math club families have enjoyed a Multiplication Trek (looking for things in groups and arrays) around our local library and a Symmetry Trek through the woods.

If you have time for a little preparation, Maria posted several Math Trek game sheets you can download and print. …

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