Playful Math Snacks for February 2015

From Denise:

The February “Let’s Play Math” newsletter went out this morning to everyone who signed up for math updates. If you’re not on the mailing list, you can still join in the fun:

A Preview

by Ξ at 360 blog
by Ξ at 360 blog

Math Snack: Fractal Valentines

What better way to say “I love you forever!” than with a pop-up fractal Valentine? My math club kids made these a couple years back, and they turned out great.

To make your card, choose two colors of construction paper or card stock. One color will make the pop-up hearts on the inside of your card. The other color will be the front and back of the card, and will also peek through the cut areas between the hearts. Fold the papers in half and cut them to card size.

Set the outer card aside and focus on the inside. The fractal cutting pattern is simple: press the fold, cut a curve, tuck inside, repeat…

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